“Parade” at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

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Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Fla., put on the musical production “Parade” November 2016. One of my photos was featured on BroadwayWorld.com.

The Wall Lives

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I took a train from Mannheim the Saturday before the Freie Universität Berlin European Studies Program began. My host ma picked me up from the station. She told me she had a daughter my age studying abroad in France – she was also a redhead, and I’d be staying in her room. Once I got my luggage up the stairs, all seemed well, until we came to the living room. She said I couldn’t sit on the couches — I laughed, I thought it was a joke… it is different here.

The first day at Brentanostraße 50, I met Matt. He lived just one stop down from me on the S1, at Mexikoplatz. I heard Roger Waters’ the Wall tour was coming to Berlin. (I mean, the Wall!! In Berlin!! Come on.) No one else at the Mensa seemed as keen on it. Matt and I got our tickets and two weeks later were on the U2 headed out toward Olympiastadion.

The show began in a blaze of fire. Our seats were high enough up that we couldn’t distinguish the shadows on Roger Waters’ face, but technology helped out. A wall of screens behind him illuminated him and media messages, in German and English.

A swirl of dark sounds and entangled memories ensued.

Art, Blood, Beer & a Field of Roses

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We kicked off the week with a night at the opera, specifically the Nationaltheater Opernhaus in Goetheplatz, Mannheim.

The opera was “Otello.”

It felt good to be in a theatre again, even if we were a bunch of Americans watching a Shakespearean play, converted into an opera, performed in Italian, with German subtitles. Uhh…

It was awesome. The set was perfect, not gaudy, just enough. Foreboding spikes locked together the wall that characters would throw themselves against in hurls of despair. They glinted as Desdemona’s costumes grew darker.

Though we were still fresh in our stay in Germany, it wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on, the acting revealed what the subtitles didn’t. It was also neat to see an actor in blackface, I’d learned of it in theatre courses before, but had never seen it on stage. Otello’s face was painted black, darker than any skin-tone I’ve ever seen. As I have no other experience to compare it to, I’m not sure if historically that’s how it’s been done, or if that was the director’s choice to emphasize the contrasts in the black/white, light/dark, good/evil themes. In the first act, Desdemona wore all white.

Am Mittwoch (on Wednesday), Mone, Sabrina, Jason and I went to see “The Place Beyond the Pines” auf Deutsch (in German) at the movie theatre the next day. It was a pretty good flick. The movie theatre was also really nice, much more thought went into the design of this Cineplex than any AMC or Regal I’ve been to in the U.S. Also, they sell beer! What a great idea! They’ve got the usual popcorn, nachos and soda, too, but beer! Not sure on the price or quality, as I had water, but still, come on America.

We bought Eurorail tickets (which are SO much cheaper to order in the U.S. than to purchase here, trust me, I’ve done both) and after class on Friday, eight of us caught a train to Bruges, Belgium.

We hadn’t purchased reservations for seats, however, which meant that we spent a fair portion of the trip hanging out by the WCs (toilets) or sitting on the floor at the fronts/backs of cars.

In the next to last stretch, I did get a seat, though. And who did I end up sitting across from? The travel editor for de Volkskrant, a national Dutch newspaper. He told me of reporting from Afghanistan for six years, and how he helped start a journalism school there. We talked of cameras, the Himalayas, white-water canoeing…it was an interesting conversation, to say the least, one of the best parts of the trip.

I would have liked to learn more about that school, but I had to catch the next train, and didn’t catch his name (so if anyone reading this knows…shoot me an email! sojournjones@gmail.com)

We switched trains again, and made it to Bruges. We found the Europa hostel, dropped our things off and headed into town for food and beer. We discovered mayonnaise is the appropriate topping to french fries here, not ketchup. (Delicious.)

We stepped in a few beautiful cathedrals, including Our Lady’s Church, where we saw the “Madonna and Child” by Michelangelo Buonarotti and carved of Carrara marble. We ate chocolate and toured de Halve Maan Brewery on Saturday, which came with a light beer. But they also brewed doubles, triples and quadruples. So, natürlich, I also tried the quadruple. It was beautiful.

We closed out the day with more beer. It was Belgium, after all, the beer is superb there.

Sunday, we did a great number of things. First, we climbed 366 stairs to the top of the Belfry, which was especially wonderful for me because I recently finished David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas, and one of the characters in the book climbs to the top of that same belfry!

We wandered a bit, chilled in a beautiful park, and went on a search for the best beer in the world: Westvleteren. I went solo to the “Basilique du St. Sang,” “H. Bloedbasiliak,” the Basilica of the Precious Blood. Turns out, blood doesn’t look too pretty after 2000 years. It was a beautiful basilica, though.

I bought two books, a euro a piece in the square, and closed out my time in Bruges at Musea Brugge, an incredible art museum. I found the works by artists Jheronimus Bosch and Marcel Broodthaers particularly awesome.

And just when we thought the adventure was over, we came upon a field of roses.

These lands are magical.

For more adventures of UF students studying abroad, please check out the UFIC Blog from Abroad!

That “quiet show”

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Uncle Boongy and his Bufu Nephews.
Jesus Vio.
some apartment//gainesville, fl

The Secret Wonders of the Tabernacle of Hedonism

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“What did I just walk into??”

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I walked into 1982 at 5 o’clock Friday without any idea what to expect (or mentally prepare for…). It was a press conference, I’d heard, for the variety show: The Reverend Angeldust’s Tabernacle of Hedonism with your Host, Tom Miller! which starts Monday, January 21 at 9 p.m.

People aren’t always thrilled to see folks with cameras around them, but at this -press conference- it was like I was something special! Appreciated, even! So I took that as welcome to snap as many photos in that dim-lit bar as possible, praying to that great Dumpster Goddess, Jamba, that one (Oh please, Jamba, one!) would maybe turn out bearable. See in the Tabernacle, Jamba is the pray-ee (the ..er…’being’ whom is prayed to).

The RATH is Gainesville’s newest religious institution as of Friday, January 19. The Tabernacle of Hedonism is the ONLY variety show which is also a recognized church (–that I know of), and also an incarnation of “The Tom Miller Show,” the longest running variety show in Gainesville.

I milled about as others milled in, and Tom Miller stepped up to the stage to introduce the other present Secret Council of Society Deacons, Daniel T. Ballard and Mike Garvin, they decide who performs. And then, the Reverend Angel Dust himself, the spiritual leader of the group, stepped up onto the stage to sermonize.

“Do only that which is RIGHT!”

The last member of the Secret Council of Society Deacons arrived and stepped up on the stage, only stopping brushing his hair to hold up the certificate which certifies that he, James Wesson, is an ordained minister. Each Society Deacon is, in fact, they signed one up right there in 1982 via the wonders of the internet.

It included a legit Q & A session like legit press conferences and all, the energy was up. I asked a few questions after the gig.

Tom Miller first met Reverend Angel Dust when Reverend Angel Dust knocked on his door in 1984 selling poems for a quarter in a self-made publication. They started attending each other’s shows and when Tom Miller established his variety show in 1985, Reverend Angel Dust opened the shows with his sermons.

And now, 28 years later, The Reverend Angeldust’s Tabernacle of Hedonism with your Host, Tom Miller! begins tonight.

Streets of St. Augustine

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London Calls, Again!

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Hooray for long distance communication! I received this wonderful email from Adeline, who I wrote about in my blog during my London experience. It made me feel really good about writing, meeting new people and doing what I’m doing, here it is:

Hi Rachel,
I hope that you are well and that you remember me – we met by Regents Park Road bridge while you and Bailey were in London, High and Dry, Asian-looking girl with big guitar…

I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to write to you to thank you for the amazing post you wrote.  I feel very honoured to appear on your blog.  You write beautifully and your photos are vividly story-telling.  What a wonderful blog, and thank you!

I read the post the day you published it but then Cassy and I were in Malaysia visiting my family for the whole of July so things were manic just before, just after, and during.  I am so sorry again for not writing to thank you before now.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with all your adventures.  Are you missing Europe?  I’m sure it’s nice to be back with your family and in the sun!  It’s currently raining here in London.

Meeting you that day by the bridge made me think a lot about what I want to do with the music and what I want to get out of it.  So since then, I have set up a website - www.buskerunderthebridge.com - on which I have made a link to your website, I have taken the giant leap of joining Twitter – @buskerbridge – and I am starting to record my own songs as well as the covers I sing under the bridge (thank you for giving me this idea when you asked me if I had any of the covers available online).  I have come to the conclusion that I want to be a pop star (I get a lot of stunned looks and muffled giggles when I tell people this!) so I’m striking while the iron is hot.  Thank you very much for being a very big part of the impetus to get going.

I hope that all is well at your end.  I would love to keep in touch, although this probably sounds very rich from the one who took two months to make contact to thank you!  Please say hi to Bailey for me.

Take care.

Snappy & Floyd

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Stepped into the Lab on Saturday Oct. 6, 2012, to be greeted by the fine beats of Snappy & Floyd. Also by cool looking colors and images displayed with lights across their skins on stage. :)

ocean slips: a music blog

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I’ve just launched my music blog — http://oceanslips.tumblr.com/

This is full of music, old(ish) and new, so I decided to create a separate space for it. The music-related articles I’ll be posting here will be more geared towards what bands are coming to town/interviews with said bands/and new album reviews.

When I get my new record player(my first one just recently bit the dust…tears), I’ll be reviewing the latest on vinyl, here.

oceanslips.tumblr.com is the place to go if you’re looking for music to add to your listening spectrum, not limited to what’s just come out. The music is shared via youtube, so everyone can play it without needing to download any special player. The video accompanying the music isn’t usually the point, but sometimes they’re pretty cool, and I’ll usually say that.

Being in Berlin, youtube has been showing this to me a lot more than I’d like:

“Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights. Sorry about that.”

Solution: vimeo.com oder thedailymotion.com. Probably more, this is just what I’ve found so far to substitute for the youtube vids I can’t watch!