Streets of St. Augustine

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London Calls, Again!

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Hooray for long distance communication! I received this wonderful email from Adeline, who I wrote about in my blog during my London experience. It made me feel really good about writing, meeting new people and doing what I’m doing, here it is:

Hi Rachel,
I hope that you are well and that you remember me – we met by Regents Park Road bridge while you and Bailey were in London, High and Dry, Asian-looking girl with big guitar…

I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to write to you to thank you for the amazing post you wrote.  I feel very honoured to appear on your blog.  You write beautifully and your photos are vividly story-telling.  What a wonderful blog, and thank you!

I read the post the day you published it but then Cassy and I were in Malaysia visiting my family for the whole of July so things were manic just before, just after, and during.  I am so sorry again for not writing to thank you before now.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with all your adventures.  Are you missing Europe?  I’m sure it’s nice to be back with your family and in the sun!  It’s currently raining here in London.

Meeting you that day by the bridge made me think a lot about what I want to do with the music and what I want to get out of it.  So since then, I have set up a website - - on which I have made a link to your website, I have taken the giant leap of joining Twitter – @buskerbridge – and I am starting to record my own songs as well as the covers I sing under the bridge (thank you for giving me this idea when you asked me if I had any of the covers available online).  I have come to the conclusion that I want to be a pop star (I get a lot of stunned looks and muffled giggles when I tell people this!) so I’m striking while the iron is hot.  Thank you very much for being a very big part of the impetus to get going.

I hope that all is well at your end.  I would love to keep in touch, although this probably sounds very rich from the one who took two months to make contact to thank you!  Please say hi to Bailey for me.

Take care.

Snappy & Floyd

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Stepped into the Lab on Saturday Oct. 6, 2012, to be greeted by the fine beats of Snappy & Floyd. Also by cool looking colors and images displayed with lights across their skins on stage. :)

ocean slips: a music blog

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I’ve just launched my music blog —

This is full of music, old(ish) and new, so I decided to create a separate space for it. The music-related articles I’ll be posting here will be more geared towards what bands are coming to town/interviews with said bands/and new album reviews.

When I get my new record player(my first one just recently bit the dust…tears), I’ll be reviewing the latest on vinyl, here. is the place to go if you’re looking for music to add to your listening spectrum, not limited to what’s just come out. The music is shared via youtube, so everyone can play it without needing to download any special player. The video accompanying the music isn’t usually the point, but sometimes they’re pretty cool, and I’ll usually say that.

Being in Berlin, youtube has been showing this to me a lot more than I’d like:

“Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights. Sorry about that.”

Solution: oder Probably more, this is just what I’ve found so far to substitute for the youtube vids I can’t watch!

Beach House, at the Beaches, & Asa, too!

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Ahhh, Jack White!! He keeps doing this. Putting out ripping music, who’s chords strike relevance down to my pulsing blood. I guess that’s why it works so well.

I can’t say I’ve listened to the full album sufficiently yet, even if I have heard ‘Love Interruption’ upwards of ten times. I feel any comment on the raw of the lyrics will reveal much more about me and my recent love-history than I’d care to share with the unknown, suffice to say — it gets me. It gets me good. I can feel it, it makes me want to get up on stage and rock, even riff off some blues. If only I could play guitar.

Anyone who’s been in a relationship that’s screwed them(haha), I think you’ll dig that song. I heard he nailed it in his performance on SNL, maybe youtube it.

Oh, okay fine, here:

My favorite song so far though, other than that ‘Love Interruption’ which I kinda feel stands on its own, is ‘Missing Pieces’. Again, maybe revealing a bit too much, but the final lyrics just nail the love-struck victim on the head with truth. No better way, I say. It’s only the opening track, though, so I guess I’ve got the rest of the album to go listen to…!/album/Blunderbuss/7498797