Gallery by Rachel Jones

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Photo Stories:
Jason Burrows

Txus Parras

Cody Carnathan

James Wesson

Multimedia Story:
57th Annual Florida Forest Festival

WUFT: Terry Jones to leave Gainesville

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Shout-out to the First Amendment! An article I wrote for WUFT.

UF Board of trustees to vote on health insurance proposal

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Another article for WUFT:

Cover of the Fine Print!

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Last semester, I started researching surveillance in Gainesville with a few other students for an applied fact finding class. Charlene Hewitt and I decided to keep digging, and our combined efforts were published in the cover story for the latest issue of the Fine Print.

Issues are available on the University of Florida campus, or various locations around town.


Tumblin Creek clean-up

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An article for WUFT: