PRIDE 2018


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Gainesville rocked out in a whirl of rainbows and smiles for the PRIDE Festival celebrations downtown on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018, with a March starting at 7th Street and ending at Bo Diddley Plaza. Photos by Rachel Jones.

“Florida’s Own STANDING ROCK” — Folio Weekly, Jan. 4, 2017

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One of my photos from the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests was published in print and online in a local-to-Jacksonville magazine, Folio Weekly, on Wednesday, January 4, 2017, in  an article correlating the fight against the Sabal Trail pipeline, a pipeline posed to go through 13 Florida counties and threaten local water supply and wildlife, with the camps and protests ongoing in North Dakota. Click here for a direct link to the article.

“Parade” at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

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Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Fla., put on the musical production “Parade” November 2016. One of my photos was featured on

Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular

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Happy Veterans day!! It has been one epic week for the Department of Defense here in Jacksonville, Fla. The Sea and Sky Spectacular took flight last Thursday for the weekend. Midshipmen came to town Saturday from the Naval Academy to beat Notre Dame’s Fightin’ Irish, and beat them they did, 28-27, at the new and improved stadium downtown.

The following photographs are from Sunday’s show over Jacksonville Beach, beginning with the Patriots jump team of Navy SEALS, two holding the flag between them during the national anthem, and ending with the incredibly exact Blue Angels.

The second Tuesday of the month arrived November 8, and Donald Trump won the electoral votes for Florida, and the country, making him the President-elect. He gave a serious heart-felt speech following Hillary Clinton’s call to congratulate him(though she refused to give a concession speech that night despite her many supporters awaiting her all evening) Trump promised to do right for veterans, and his 100-day plan includes increasing support for our military, which, as there are three Naval bases in Jacksonville, Fla., folks around here are glad to hear.

Click on the photos to get a better view!

Florida Earthskills Gathering

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Location: Hawthorne, FL

I worked-traded at the Florida Earthskills Gathering. I learned how to reverently slaughter a chicken, learned about pheromones, and how to take care of a gathering’s worth of humanure.