Catching Stars

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I’ve been a terrible theatre-goer as of late, but I have seen one new play on broadway, and that was Peter and the Starcatcher. Apparently it was a good call, as it’s got nine Tony Award Nominations.

Much of the set was made out of recycled material, from the Little Mermaid set previously on Broadway, for example. That adds to the magic of the play in my eyes, aside from it taking on the back-story of fabled Peter Pan. Not all Broadway plays use recycled material from other Broadway plays, it helps that the set designer Donyale Werle is co-chair of Broadway Green Alliance’s Pre/Post Production Committee.

This just opened on Broadway a few weeks ago, but when I was in New York I was still hearing rave reviews of “The Book of Mormon.” When you can’t get tickets for something till next January, that’s usually a good sign there’s a reason for it. “Death of a Salesman” was also on the top of my list, and tickets were SOLD OUT.

Planning trips to the city and purchasing tickets long before you get there is a solid idea.