UF Board of trustees to vote on health insurance proposal

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Another article for WUFT:


Tumblin Creek clean-up

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An article for WUFT:


UF scientists construct the mammal life of life

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It’s the largest tree of life ever created. It’s an accessible database exploring the interrelationships of mammals from the age of the dinosaurs up to the mammals that walk the Earth today. Yep, I wrote about science again. Yay! See the full article here:


Asteroid will pass close to Earth

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I love science, especially space! So it was pretty freakin’ cool to write about Asteroid 2012 DA14, due to pass between our satellites and the Earth in a week. See the full article here:


Crystal River: power plant closing is ‘complete devastation’

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Crystal River’s power plant is closing, I wrote the story online for WUFT news:


Writing from the audio of someone else’s story…

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It’s not my favorite, but its not difficult — unless of course, you have a question about the story and can’t reach the reporter to ask. All that’s there is all there is. Since it is audio, though, it’s likely to make sense. The task is only to transcribe and rearrange, maybe add an angle and get creative with it.

Another day in the newsroom…with Silver Springs returning to a more “natural state.”