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I couldn’t get a picture of the whole mansion, its just too big, so here’s the top of it:

The Biltmore Estate has pretty much anything anyone could want. For tourists, there are shops of all sorts, along with eateries and the most expensive restaurants in Asheville. Full tours of the mansion, including servant’s quarters, view of one of the largest organs in the world, the family bowling alley, gym, and seemingly out-of-place halloween room. The people who work in there don’t play around, they WILL yell at you for having your phone out or trying to take a picture(trust me, I know), so I apologize for my lack of insight to the inside. But, I DID get a photo of one of the creepier selections among the plethora of shops:

The View from the Biltmore Estate

The view from the Estate goes without words, I couldn’t imagine a more majestic place to sit a mansion. The Vanderbilts certainly knew what was up at property-picking time.

The gardens, of course, are wondrous as well.

There’s also a winery, and stables, and even an Inn to stay at on the Estate if you’re feeling good and fancy.


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