A green labyrinth, yellow jeep, & Upala, again.

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The day’s journey was not over yet. We still had to make it back – somewhere – before nightfall. Getting a ride down the mountain was easy, though a little uncomfortable — we were in a nice, rented SUV and we’re pretty sure the couple in front were whispering about how we stunk… the sulfuric aroma of the hot springs didn’t do too much for the clothes we were sweating in all day to get there.

They took a different route down the mountain than the one we took up. They didn’t know where they were going either, but the route was much longer this way, and put us much further from Upala…

They dropped us off at the bottom of the mountain, and we set off down the road again.

We stumbled upon a hedge labyrinth, and a bunch of carved plants shaped into all sorts. It made having to walk right past it just that much more worth it. Whatever it was, it was pretty neat.

We got the best ride ever from two young guys in a two-door yellow jeep. The wind beat against fabric over us in the “back seat,” as the driver drove like he was racing seconds against the gas pedal and conquering the wind in Spanish to keep up their conversation, which didn’t slow even when they picked us up.

And we were back in Upala again. 

We trekked to the northwestern side of the town and tried to hitch out, but the sun was setting and the dark came quickly. It was too late. We were stuck in Upala, Costa Rica, for yet another night.

So we bought a tub of icecream and killed it cinco minutos.

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