For the Record — No, Literally

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I awoke at 6 a.m. Friday to drive the two hours to St. Augustine to spend the day with photojournalist Daron Dean, who shoots for the St. Augustine Record (and also taught one of my advanced photographic journalism courses this semester).

It was a dreary day, not to be helped by beginning the day with stopping by the last remaining arches of the Florida Memorial College, and then heading to an unkempt cemetary. Buried there, were the founders of the university.

Dogs barked, Daron found three heads-up pennies and I took photos of Nathan Collier’s headstone in the overgrown Woodlawn Cemetery (–the link above will take you to the article and photo).

A court hearing was canceled for the afternoon, so we drove around looking for features. We ended up at the fort. The fog was so thick you couldn’t see across the inlet. Daron got some great shots of a man fishing, and I managed to catch fire from the canon, and then we went back to the Record.

It was an eerie day, the fog didn’t ever clear up, but it was cool to know that the paper needed photos, and I could help with that.

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