Feature Photo, B-1 in the Florida Times-Union

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Yesterday I met Dede Smith at the Times-Union in downtown Jacksonville. She gave me a tour of the news room and I sat in on the morning meeting. I met photographers Bruce Lipsky and Will Dickey.

Bruce and I headed to the beach for some feature-hunting. There was a boy running by the pier with his grandfather, there was a man with a very colorful umbrella enjoying the sunny afternoon. We were walking inland when I saw the row of lifeguard chairs that I immediately thought would make a cool photo – if only there were people doing something near them. Like on cue, two lifeguards start setting up weights and bringing out other work out materials. We hung around and took some photos, letting them just do what they were doing.

My photo ended up on B-1, front page of the Metro section, in color. I don’t think it could be any bigger. What a beautiful reward for effort. (Link above)

We went to Mojo for lunch and Bruce told me about the Look 3 photography festival — worth checking out, he said, its very cool to be around other photographers.

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