Crocodiles in Berlin!

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The Crocodiles came to Berlin and a whole crew of us decided to go. Me and Matt went to the Oberbaumbrücke, debated climbing around, and settled on hopping over the grossest liquid on the planet to look out over the water. It smelled awful out there, so we returned, but not quite before I sufficiently jumped right into it, odoring my pants appropriately before the show.

The dress I was wearing was sort of long, but not exactly long enough to wear comfortably without pants. I draped my pants over the railing by the river anyway, though it was night-time so it’s not like they were going to dry, but they did have the opportunity to adorn any of the plethora of spiders which made the railings their webbed home.

We met up with Weimen, Connor, and Alexis, went to the show, got a case of beer, sat by a different part of the river and told stories.

If you return the case and bottles, you get money back! (and the cycle continues)

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