Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!)

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“Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!)” is bubbling up with Holiday cheer and brimming with cherished tales from around the world! Whether you’re the Rudolph of the Holidays or even the Grinch, you’ll find the fruit of the fruit cake in “Every Christmas Story Ever Told (And Then Some!)” at the Hippodrome Theatre, with performances beginning on Friday, Nov. 23! From seasonal icons to pop culture, this story’s got something in its stocking for YOU.

“EVERY CHRISTMAS STORY EVER TOLD (AND THEN SOME!) is a playful romp through some of our favorite holiday memories,” said Stephanie Lynge, who is directing the production. “The stories that still make us think of hot chocolate, sledding in the snow, and family all together to celebrate the season.”

Three actors decide to perform every Christmas story ever told, rather than “A Christmas Carol” for the umpteenth time (though, we are doing that, too, of course!). The performance that ensues is a whirl of hilarity that will leave you laughing in the aisles like “A Tuna Christmas” and the “Ultimate Christmas Show (Abridged).” BUT TO THIS ONE, you can even brings the kids.

“Wackiest, tackiest, and happiest holiday event(s)!” – USA Today.


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