Windmills, Bicycles, & Red Lights

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We walked from uptown to downtown and got lost among red lights, found the most delectable chocolate waffle ever, and wandered back to our hostel where some guy from Australia said “Unload your shrapnel”, in front of a pile of change on the bar counter, then used to buy 24 shots, which six of us shared and finished(red, green, red, green) in less than two minutes.

The next morning we had the most delicious Wild Salmon bagel just around the corner of our hostel. We took a tram to Amsterdam Central, where we then caught the free ferry across the river to catch Moonrise Kingdom(the new Wes Anderson flick) at the Eye.

The Eye( is unlike any movie cinema I’ve seen before. They don’t even sell popcorn. It’s a pretty classy place really, show great films, and actually call themselves a ‘film institute’…except in Dutch.

We learned that café’s have coffee and “coffee shops” don’t. Tweedy’s, Rookie’s, Blues Brothers…the coffee there won’t be anything special(What they do have will indeed be ‘special’ cakes, etc). Bulldog, however, has fantastic hot chocolate espresso(one bar for “coffee”(not coffee) and one bar for drinks), and I think that’s all I can say about that…

Before we caught our last international train ride of the trip, we walked through the Van Gogh Museum. I just feel so much more cultured now! No but really, we’ve seen so much art the past few weeks.

Amsterdam’s a cool city. From what I remember.

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