Wild -Very- Lodge

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Luck herself couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to spend a weekend. Tucked away on it’s own mountain, the Wildberry Lodge overlooks a farm-pastures complete with goats and Scottish horses. I know, right, Scottish horses!!

Perhaps a few too many rooms to call it a -traditional- log cabin, but the inside is as cozy as home, maybe even a bit more.

Something should be said for the tall windows, opening the cabin to the sky and mountains.

Windows like Mirrors of the Sky

As if this view wasn’t enough…

Sunset from Wildberry Lodge

…there’s the view at sunset:

Of course, I can’t forget about the animals, me and one particularly goat became good buddies. I think he might’ve been as fascinated with city-folk and a camera as I was with mountains and a goat.

Just because I will NEVER be able to say this again, “Hare today, gone tomorrow.”